About the Band

Keltic Kick’s™ unique blend of energized traditional Irish music has kept them at the forefront of the concert and club scene in the Northeast for over three decades.

KK Group Photo

Band members include (clockwise from top left): Billy Donaldson, Bob Ross, Doug Abel and “Fiddle Mike” O’Reilly.

Band Bios:

Billy Billy Donaldson:

Not much is known about Billy’s early years.  He would drift from town to town, doing odd jobs, and eating grubs to survive.  Billy learned to play guitar by peeking in the window at Zera’s Music.  Nothing good came from his life until he met Doug and Bob in 1980.  None of the other band members like him.

Bob Bob Ross:

Bob was raised by the Sisters of No Mercy in a small orphanage in New York.  Bob would entertain the nuns by putting on musical-comedies based on the lives of the martyrs.  Bob plays the bass, which is not to be confused with the fish, which he also plays.  None of the other band members like him.

Doug Doug Abel:

Doug “boom-boom” Abel plays drums that are older than many of our fans.  Doug began his musical career as a Johnny Winter impersonator, but quickly migrated to Irish music when he discovered he could play the same beat for every song.  None of the other band members like him.

Mike “Fiddle Mike” O’Reilly:

“Fiddle Mike” (aka “Mandolin Mickey”) went to some fancy-schmancy music school and, unlike the other band members, actually learned how to be a musician.  Mike is the youngest member of the band, and, for that, and many other reasons, none of the other band members like him.